I wish I could tell you that I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember...


That I nurtured this passion from childhood and turned it into a career. The truth is, my dad gifted me with a used camera when I was young, and I never used it (so many buttons!). In college, I haphazardly took pictures on my point and shoot camera and loaded them to Facebook (those were the days!). And in the rise of smartphones and Instagram, I hid behind filters to mask the fact that I had no idea what I was doing (but seriously, who doesn't love a good filter?). 

I didn't discover a love for photography until my oldest was born. I wanted to capture every single moment of our new addition's life because I knew I'd forget them as soon as they'd happen. I got pretty good at using my iPhone, but I wouldn't take the plunge into buying a DSLR until my second was born. And then wow, that's when the magic started! 

I love sneakily snapping candid photos when my kids least expect it, like the pure joy of running through a sprinkler during the hottest days of summer or the first taste of "real" candy at a birthday party. As I practiced and my confidence grew, I slowly transitioned from taking photos of my loved ones to pictures of family, friends, and strangers that turned to family and friends. My goal is to build lasting memories with my client's families or make their mark through personal branding. It becomes less about my vision and all about the people I work with. 

I'm hoping that writing this blog will inspire moms to capture more moments of their children and families, behind the lens and in front of it. By documenting my "photography as a side hustle" journey, I hope that those with a similar passion for photography who don't know where to start will find some inspiration. Let’s create together!

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash