If you're looking for a location with a lot of options, consider Ponce City Market!

I recently did a graduation shoot here for the first time. Here are some things I loved and longed for. 

What I loved:

  1. So many options! There were many places to shoot both indoors and outdoors, including the beltline. 
  2. Unique shots and angles. With stairs, tunnels, and cool art to explore, it was easy to get creative. 
  3. Food! Any excuse to try new foods is a win for me. And food and drinks could be a great prop depending on the goals for your photos. 

What I longed for:

  1. Less people. I'd recommend shooting in the morning vs. early evening. While we caught golden hour, there were a lot of people grabbing dinner or just hanging out on the beltline. This made it difficult to frame shots. 
  2. Better parking. It took me 20 minutes to find a spot. Definitely not a deal-breaker, but I'm glad I planned accordingly.