Up to 80% of New Year's resolutions fail...

But what's a new year without some resolutions! Part of the reason my resolutions aren't successful is that I don't actually hold myself accountable. If you're like me, you are really into your resolutions for about...a month...ha! So! I'm going to put my 2021 photography goals for the world to see and periodically share my progress.

Here are my goals for 2021...

Be more intentional in composing shots

I take a lot of pride in making my clients comfortable during our time taking photographs. I like capturing authentic moments between families and often do a minimal amount of set up or posing. I don't see that aspect of my photography changing much. But, I think there's an opportunity for me to be more intentional (and even more creative) in positioning families and individuals. And especially, thinking about their goals and how that comes out in a photograph.

Nail sharper images

I've noticed that subjects are ever so slightly out of focus in some of my shots. Probably not noticeable to many, but definitely evident to me! I've been shooting in manual mode for some time now. Still, I need to check my aperture and shutter speeds during sessions (not just at the beginning!) to make sure they're always aligned with what I'm shooting.

Improve indoor photography

This one is a tough one for me! I love, love, love me some natural light, and enjoy being outdoors. However, there are many times when shooting indoors is optimal, whether that be due to weather or the client's needs. I recently had a client who wanted to do adorable indoor pajama shots indoors for their holiday cards. The images were, eh. I was so disappointed that I didn't deliver on their vision! I told myself that would never happen again and that I need to be prepared for anything! 

And now my resolutions are out there. Hopefully these will be in the 20% of successful resolutions in 2021.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash