While I try and make it a habit to always have my "big" camera with me, some days it's just not convenient. Especially when I'm kid wrangling solo, calibrating and carrying a cumbersome camera is not high on my priorities list. Here are my favorite tips for taking better pictures with the camera you always have on you. 

Disclaimer: I have an iPhone so I'm not 100% sure these translate for green text message phones 😜

  1. Use the camera shortcut: Make sure your camera is enabled as a shortcut! This saves you a lot of time when you're trying to take those quick pictures. 
  2. Enable the grid: The grid feature will help you compose your shots.
  3. Shoot in burst mode: If your kids or subjects are like mine, you have a hard time keeping them still! Burst mode allows you to capture multiple shots at a time. 
  4. Use the volume button to take a picture: I admit that I don't use this feature enough. Using the volume button to take a picture helps keep your camera steady and can help avoid blurry images.
  5. Lock your focus: For the most part, the auto-focus on an iPhone camera works well. But if you find your phone is having a hard time finding your subject, tap the area on your screen to focus your camera. 

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash