Snapping photos of your littles can be difficult, especially if yours are like mine and have minds of their own.

Sometimes your subjects just don't understand your creative direction. Or better yet, have a 30-second attention span 😜 Here are a few tips I've learned from taking pictures of my kiddos over the years. 

Bring your camera everywhere, and make sure you have a versatile lens.

I can't tell you how many times my kids have done something so darn cute, and I kick myself for not having my camera with me. Of course, your phone camera is always an option but sometimes not quite the same. It's also crucial that you bring a lens that can work well indoors, outdoors, etc. For some, that can mean a zoom lens with a decent aperture. I prefer a prime lens (35mm or 50mm) with the flexibility of a wide aperture in case I'm in low light. 

Use toys or games as distractions (ahem) I mean props.

Kids LOVE to play, and as adults sometimes we forget that! Observe them interacting with their favorite toys to capture some memorable moments. Since they're distracted, you'll also be more likely to sneak in some great candids. 

Involve them in the process.

Now that my oldest is 4, he's curious to see what his photo looks like after I've taken a shot. That excitement can carry on to the editing process, and then finally when posting to his private social media page. This also gives me hope that I'm grooming an assistant to join me on shoots in the future 😉

Don't force it and go with their flow!

Kids are great at reading and matching energies. Don't stress too much about posing or getting it perfect straight out of the camera, and have fun with it!